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Gentleman Cadet Shirazi, Number 14811 from Khalid – 4, Don't Move

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Good man Jalal Hameed Bahtti is documenting the biographical history of Khalid 4 (55 PMA Long Course platoon). Those who don’t know, Jalal is also running a website for the course where he has been putting up everything regarding the course. Every member of the 55 PMA family (and their children) are there on that site.

Other day, Jalal sent the script of Khalid -4 for Lahore based Khalid 4 members to see and add if there was anything missing. Nouman, Khalid Javed, Tasawwar, Younus and I got together and the whole script was read. And let me confess, it was reliving the past. There was nothing missing. Jalal has done a wonderful job. Very well done! But why you couldn’t find anything to write about me. may be there wasn't any thing.

And we all know Nuaman moderates very well (no one else speaks when he is there. He has so much (interesting) to tell.

I can hear, "Gentleman Cadet Shirazi sahib, number 14811 from Khalid – 4 standing in the last row, mat hillen (don’t move)."

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Wednesday, January 01, 2020,


At 11:16, Blogger Jalal HB said...

Thanks - am happy you liked it. I am sure you people must have added lot to make it a memorable document.

As for mentioning you - I wanted others to write about others. And I do hope you people added it

At 15:52, Anonymous nauman said...

AJS is always kind and generous in his assessments and the same is true today.


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