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Journey Break With Tariq Fazal

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Blast from the past - Feb 2, 2009

Men at their best from 55 PMA Long Course are very social people. They go a long way to meet each other and relive their memories spread over more than three decades. I am proud to be from 55 and try to find a chance to meet my course mates whenever I can. This time I had a chance to meet Tariq Fazal at Hamsafar on the G T Road.

Hamsafar (very aptly named) is a very well laid out CNG station and now it has become a meeting point for anyone commuting the most travelled road in Pakistan. Unlike any other CNG station, Tariq Fazal has set up Hamsafar with a taste – neat, very functional and users’ friendly facility. One feels like having a break at this station. The direction are: leave Lahore, Cross Ravi and then the Railways Phati. Facing Rawalpindi, it is on your left precisely 2.5 KM from Railways Phatic.

After filling the tank of my motor car and getting the tyre pressure checked, I had a much needed break in his office. The office too is neatly laid in style and one can feel its style in everything. Having tea on a frosty morning and gup shup with an old buddy was good enough a reason not to move but I had a long journey ahead to my village Mong so had to leave.

What else, Thanks Tariq Fazal for setting up Hamsafar where you have. Meet you during my next journey.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Friday, February 09, 2018,


At 13:00, Blogger jalalHB said...

The Crazy Hamsafar needs to be appreciated if he is running business with clean environment. Its only that I never go that way (coming to Lahore from Lahore by pass), thus by passing his station. Good luck to him, anyway

At 19:34, Anonymous Admin said...

Comradeship is the hall mark of social life.

At 21:21, Blogger saeed said...


At 09:34, Blogger Shirazi said...

I very conveniently forgot about the free tank full ;-)

Thanks for putting it record :-)

At 10:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEY Saeed Mirza thanx for putting the record straight. Any ways what about 'ROSHNI CNG'I saw it only a few days back while troting the GT rd and noticed it nearing completion. An impressive structure.Pray U complete the job the soonest.Of course I do understand the hurdles one encounters enrout to this most challenging undertaking. Good luck. TARIQ FAZAL


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