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Connect and Network - Pakistan’s First International Social Media Summit

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Blast from the past

Social media tools like blogs, twitter and facebook are being widely praised for helping to bring change. The best thing about social media is the way it brings openness and shared environment. It is unlike mass media where only a few have a control over information industry and they are the ones who decide what to tell the world and when and they do it on need to know bases. We can see some powerful examples of social campaigns in the recent past.

Network!: Pakistan’s First International Social Media Summit is being held in Karachi (June 10-11, 2011) to accelerate this change by everything and anything that can create a social positive change through an integrated open approach using the social media. It feels good be a part of this change; sounds good. Lahore bloggers (Mubeshir Ali, Mehreen, Raza Rumi, Yasser Latif Hamdani, Shiraz Hassan, Ayesha, Nabiha Meher, Shamreez, Darweesh, Amara Javed, Shemrez Nauman Afzal, Ale Muhammad and your truly) are eagerly gearing up to join their colleges and some like-minded friends from all over Pakistan and abroad.

What am I expecting from galaxy of bloggers (social media starts) meeting in Karachi? In addition to learning about Education and Good Governance: Going Digital, Women and Social Activism in the New Media Era and Monetizing Social Media Spaces, I am looking forward to connect and network with those seeking similar. Connect with people who are proximate geographically. Connect with like-minded people who are thinking to be together into a movement. It is only this connection that can start a change. No?

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Sunday, March 04, 2018,


At 11:55, Anonymous farahshah said...

That's really really Auwsome!!! but I think facebook impact in Pakistan even all over the World is very huge so you people needs lots of time,hardwork and huge advertisment all around Pakistan,we are with you,go a head....Allah bless yew.

At 12:13, Blogger Khalid Javaid said...

I must appreciate your steadfastness with blogging. You are doing a great job. Good luck

At 12:51, Blogger Hasan said...

Best of Luck to All Bloggers. hope some new strategies are placed and beneficial for new comers .

At 12:54, Blogger Hasan said...

Best of luck for Bloggers. I hope in nxt meeting i will be there . :)

At 03:51, Blogger Huma said...

Am a NR Pakistani and recent political and security situation of Pakistan is getting so disturbing for me that i wanted to contribute in one way or another. Saw this summit news and will appreciate if there is any Blog that is contributing in waking up the nation knowing that we are at fault rather then blaming everything on western media and nations. Recent atrocity by Karachi rangers has shaken me to the extent that I feel the need to contribute. Who ever reads my comment please help me reach the right blogging site.

At 12:45, Anonymous yousuf said...

you guys doing awesome work i want to be part of your team


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