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Din Mein Charagh

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Books have been bringing changes in human relationships and making difference in the lives of people. The power of worlds has caused people to loose their existence or to better them. Abbas Khan spends lot of time in reading. He reads philosophy to understand how varying points of view about existence are presented and psychology to know how philosophers come up with those points of view, Greek mythology to learn about their strong love of nature and Roman history to explore what they gave to the world.

For this he has explored annals of history, philosophies, biographies, autobiographies, and literature spread over centuries. He has mediated upon what he finds life building and has put them up in his eleventh book entitled Din Main Charagh for readers to benefit. His other published work includes three novels and seven short story books: Zakham Gawah Hain, Tu Aur Tu and Mein Aur Umrao Jan Ada (novels), Dharti Binam Akash, Tensikh-e-Insan, Qalam, Kursi Aur Wardi, U’s Adalat Men, Jism Ka Johar (short story books) and Reza Reza Keenat and Pal Pal (afsancha -- shortest story books).

The historic stories in Din Main Charagh seem to get better over time, whether they be fiction or fact. They have a mystique about them even in the world of today, where some insist that past values are dying. In literature and life alike there's something to be learned from what Abbas Khan has compiled. I have had the pleasure to translate Din Main Charagh (Light Within) because I believe that, what Abbas Khan tells us is worth knowing.

Publication of the book from Multan is another good thing that proves that voices can still be heard in this din, provided the voice is strong enough. Abbas Khan's is a very strong voice.

Extract from the book: Human beings live in four prisons as per empirical observations of one scholar.

First are natural restrains. Humans are bounded by natural environment, seasons, atmospheric conditions, other living beings, calamities and every thing else present in the eco system.

Second confine to humans is history -- the chronology of the past. It is so very difficult to get rid of the past.

Third is society. Humans simply cannot live oblivious of the societal traditions and customs. It is not possible to live alone nor is it workable to violate folks, mores and norms of society while living as its part. And last is own self. Envy, love, anger, joy, desire, sex, prejudice, self-indulgence and fear compel humans to restrict behind the walls of own self.

How can one throw away all these yokes and truly set free. Science can take control of nature. Understanding of philosophy can free the humans from burdens of what went before. Knowledge of social sciences can steer them safely through the society. But getting away from self is the most daunting of the tasks. For that one needs altruism. And that can only be attained through passion for others.

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A lovable and touching post! Thanks for sharing it!


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