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Shalimar Garden

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It's easy to love a place where residents make efforts to feed the squirrels. In the Shalimar Garden, a few senior citizens party with the squirrels every morning.

When my friend Hussain Qazi who is naturalist and a photographer told me about people feeding birds and squirrels, I planned to skip my ‘ritual morning walks’ and decided to visit Shalimar Garden instead; hopping to find more about the party with the squirrels.

The care and feeding of squirrels in Shalimar Garden is a recent phenomenon. Long overshadowed by heritage talk (it is on UNESO’s world heritage list), Shalimar Garden is overcrowded during day. Whether or not Shalimar Garden ultimately can maintain its past glory - and with it, an influx of foreign and local tourists - it's a surprisingly satisfying open space during early hour of the day.

Every morning, two charismatic old men, loaded with biscuits, rice and pluses came to the waiting population of birds and squirrels in the Shalimar Garden. They sit on the same benches and start throwing grins to the birds. When this is happening, one can see squirrels coming down from nearby trees for their breakfast and then those gentlemen dig deep down their satchels and take out biscuits and start feeding the squirrels. The tiny winy animals are so use to those caring hands that they jump to take the first bite.

One of the old men Fazal Karim – a retired primary teacher who lives in nearby Daroge Wala – explained me this phenomenon and said, “I am coming here for my morning walk every day for a long time now. I feed the bird population and squirrels and find them very friendly. I miss them and look forward to meeting them every day. I think they miss me too.”

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Wednesday, August 08, 2018,


At 21:09, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

A very interesting and touching post! Wish we have so many kind souls to take care of their fellow human beings and other creatures with the same spirit of squirrels care takers. It must be nurturing them emotionally and spiritually as well. Closeness with nature is amazing!

At 21:13, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

An amazing and intersting post. This practice must be nourishing their hearts and souls of both gentlemen. Closeness with nature is always rewarding!

At 22:24, Blogger HQ said...

Love begets love indeed.
I have seen the scene myself, it was early in the morning that I saw two affectionate Babas surrounded by squirrels and birds.
We all need to promote this lovely friendship.

At 11:34, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

Beautiful post.....


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