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Shagufta Bano - Mano na Mano

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While doing interpretership (Russian Language) from National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, we were taken to different publishing houses. Having tea after the presentation at one of the publishing houses, we got a chance to talk informally to the wonderful people there.

While talking with Dr. Farahat Naqi – the owner and brain behind the success of the concern – Dr. Shagufta Bano – one of my favorite teachers -- came under discussion. I believed and praised my teacher. Dr. Naqvi listened to my discourse for some time and finally raised his hands and said, “Please stop. Stop! I know her more than you do because she is my wife for last 30 years.”

I can’t caption this! Can you?

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Thursday, June 15, 2017,


At 11:08, Anonymous 'ka said...

i hope you said something nice about her... :D

so how many languages can you speak? :)

At 11:22, Blogger Shirazi said...

`Ka - Only two foreign languages (English, Russian) besides two local languages.

And yes. I did mention all the adjectives (+ ve) I could remember.

At 18:44, Blogger Chicka * Cosmo said...

Did you forget to praise him?! perhaps he felt a little professional jealousy?!?

At 21:11, Blogger Teeth Maestro said...

I am really glad you were praising the person, it would have been horrible to be stuck in a situation if you were back bitting -- that would have been really embarasing. Caption, hmm I too remain at a loss for words....

At 21:22, Blogger Hammad said...

Sinful.....and proud of it.....
could be ur reply after his punch......


At 23:01, Blogger G3nu1n3 said...

Well thanks god you had positive words for her.

Caption: "Should have known better"

At 23:36, Blogger Jamie Dawn said...

You're lucky you were saying good things about her. Can you imagine if you had started saying negative things? How embarrassing that would have been.

At 01:48, Anonymous echa said...

Hmmm .... I personally can't really caption :D but I think, you should have done something which Dr. naqvi has never done to his wife before, which was: praising

But again ... I might be missunderstanding this entry :D

At 01:56, Blogger Asma said...


That was good one ....!!!

Hope u told good things but still not too many of good things :)

At 07:33, Blogger Teresa said...

They say the world is a small place and that proves it once more and it also proves that if you can't something nice; you shouldn't say anything at all.

Do you like publishing? That is what I do.

At 08:14, Blogger Shirazi said...

Hi every one, I said so many good things about Dr. Shagufta Bano and I did it passionatly. Dr. Naqvi, I think, was surprised to hear so much good about her real good wife? He was very delighted from within.

At 11:43, Blogger dbdoberman said...

caption: "It pays to praise". I am sure he was delighted to hear all the positive things that you had to say. I bet he told her about it, and that would make her feel very good toward you.

At 15:45, Anonymous Brad said...

lol...Shirazi, when reading your post I couldnt help but think how animated you were talking about the Dr's wife...the mind boggles to imagine what would have happened if it was the the other way around.

At 14:40, Blogger ~hedayah~ said...

oh, thanx 4 puttin up that!

At 04:43, Anonymous Irving said...

haha a delightful conincidence :) How about the caption:

Hey, I know her better than you!

Also, Master of the Jinn was first published in Russian :)

Ya Haqq!


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