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Spring has already set in where I live with the the peacocks?


posted by S A J Shirazi @ Monday, February 25, 2013,


At 09:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like a perfect and serene walkway.

At 10:24, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

A perfect place to be alone....a perfect place to enjoy the silence and the perfect place to be alone with the peacocks :-)

At 10:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But where are your peacocks sir?

At 11:02, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

A heaven on Earth! :)

At 15:10, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

A beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of nature....a lovely place to to feel the silence around and above all a romantic place to be with the peacocks , specially my white peacock. Thank you for this

At 15:37, Anonymous Shah Rukh (Alumni) said...

Thanks for reminding me of the place where I spent 6 years and also met my wife for the first time. Lahore School has one of the uniques campuses in the country. I love the place.

At 15:39, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are romanticizing it - LOL.

At 14:11, Anonymous Saima Ashraf said...

Dewaanon' see na baat kray to aur kray dewaana kya? :)


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