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Men or Machines

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Developments in computer technologies, in the past decades, have had their impact on human life in more than one way. But where this increasing interaction between human beings and computers is leading and how is it defining the focus of research in the field are some of the valid fields of study that are likely to make difference in human lives in future.

The emergence of information technology (IT), the availability of the web, and the user friendly designs are rapidly increasing the use of computers. Despite odds like literacy, availability (and reliability) of phone connection and affordability, the use of computers is significantly increasing in Pakistan as well. E-mail, real-time text correspondence and voice exchange are already popular asides from word processing and spread sheets. But in Pakistan, most of the new concepts are still untested, which makes any analysis inconclusive.
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True Blue

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Multan retains in many respects the historic form of the medieval city — the towering citadel of Multan known as Qillah Kohna Qasim Bagh with its noble monuments sheltering the dense and compact walled city shrines and bazaars below. Its history goes back to pre Islamic and possibly to that of Indus valley civilisation and even beyond.

The history of Multani arts and crafts also goes back to medieval period. Kashi work the glazing and hand painting of ceramic products is an important art for which Multan is famous all over the would. The use of foliage or branches and leaves of trees and superb richness of colours (mainly blue) in Kashi work is a evidence of Persian influence. As Persian arts themselves have been under Chinese Mongol influence, there fore some historians are of the view that Kashi work had originally come from Kashghar, China. Over a period of centuries Multani Kashi work has matured and developed a unique and distinctive style of its own.
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