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King's treatment

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I was off line for some day because I had been to my village. In my absence, my urban friends were enjoying their space while I was busy collecting lot of love that is always in store for me when I am there.
Going to my village is like coming home. Every time I go, I have a king’s treatment there when I meet everyone and anyone. One of the good traditions in the village is that ever one around the range of one’s parents’ age is chaha (uncle) or khala or phoopo (aunt). You call them not by name but ny relationship and they respond you accordingly  Lot of real and pure love permeates from these titles and one can feel the warmth. I love this very much and enjoy with pride.

It was my Ammi Jan's  death anniversary and everyone was there and meeting was so easy. Two of the dearest people could not come on anniversary so I went to see them. Mahmood (aka lala Monda), my class fellow, had a bad accident during last flood so he is bed ridden since last one year. I remember he used to on the move all the time; either on foot or on his horse. Monda always has a best horse in the area. On the bed I found him so contended. No complaint whatsoever and very hopeful about the future. “Doctors say very soon I will be able to walk and ride again,” he told me smiling. I was so impressed by his contentment and tawakal. My best prayers for you Lala Monda; get well soon!

Then late at night I went to see Phoopho Rasolan – another gem of an old lady. Given her age, she seems like a doll. She has been to England and has seen so much in life. She seems to have a book in her. I wish to sit with her for some time and document her experiences in life and her inner feelings in a book of life. Meeting her is always a sheer pleasure. She remembers my personal history from birth till date. She always recalls stories of how my parents had brought me up? How I was as a young boy? Phoopho Rasoolan also gifted me a shawl. Your shawl is very warm Phoopo; just like your love. Please live long and stay healthy.

There I met Zurriya [also Saqib and Sidra] who loves phoopho very much and takes good care of her. Zurriya is a very gifted, innocent and loving soul. She is very found of reading and has good intentions of furthering her education. Wish you best of luck Zurriya in your further education. And you are very innocent; stay that way.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Thursday, June 01, 2017,


At 12:26, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

Very touching and i have no doubt that you are lovable and she love you more

At 13:30, Blogger Jalal Hameed said...

Nice narration - visiting villages and remembering one's roots is very important. I wish I had a village too!!

At 13:32, Blogger Asghar Javed said...

@Jalal Hameed

You are invited. Please come and you will find thatis your village. Honest.

At 13:35, Blogger Jalal Hameed said...

Thanks SAJS - but my roots rest somewhere else. It is the roots one is after when going to one's village or city. Don't you think so?

You enjoy your roots and be among the blessed ones.....

At 13:45, Anonymous Saima Ashraf said...

Streams of pure love, unmatched warmth and sicereity without personal interests.....Yeah that is called a village.....! These marvelous characters are heading towards extinction. So be with them as much as you can.

At 19:17, Anonymous behzad said...

I have experienced it more than you sir.. anyway loved reading it....

At 22:41, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

Despite my only urban experience of life, I loved the post. Even, I could felt the love you cherished there. You are very fortunate to have so loving roots!
A very nice and expressionistic post!


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