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K-4 with Brig Ghulam Nabi

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Jalal Hameed Bhatti

After the malware attack on the course website, I have decided to revive the course blog I started couple of years ago which went into obscurity after the launch of the course website. From now on, I will build the blog with all the data of the course website gradually and ultimately it will replace the course website, which is more difficult to revive.

So start with, here is my first post on an evening and spent with out first term platoon commander Captain (later Brigadier) Ghulam Nabi at the Jungle Restaurant, DHA Phase-I, Islamabad on 23 July 2013.

The meeting was in fact a part of the memorabilia I am presently writing on the days spent in PMA with Khalid-4 and Tariq-1 platoons and it was intended to have a group photo with Brigadier Ghulam Nabi so that could be appropriately placed in the memorabilia.

Upon his arrival, we were amazed to find that he knew everyone's name as many were meeting him for the first time since we last parted with him after the end of second term in 1976. He talked of all those who were not there that evening in the same very dominating and commanding voice he had almost four decades ago, despite wearing the cloak of ageing.

Although Iftari at the restaurant was rather pathetic, we were more interested in listening to the man who shepherded the young college boys of the 70s to be officers in the Pakistan Army one day.

Everyone of us seem to be engrossed into every word he said about us in PMA and on matter pertaining to the country right now.

Since I am busy in finalizing the memorabilia, I will pend more on the meeting for a next time. However, I may add here that we had a similar meeting with Lieutenant Colonel Talat Umer, SJ last month in Lahore and I shall be sharing the photos in my next post.
Stay tuned!!

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Friday, May 29, 2015,


At 19:13, Anonymous Ayyub Kulla said...

Curiosity is on its height and Sir you are responsible for that. Please do write the niceties at earliest. Though I entered 6 months later to great prestigious institution, still I know most of the seniors; not only K4 or T1 but the entire course. Regards to everyone.

At 20:40, Anonymous Saima Ashraf said...

Waiting for the photoes. Salute to all who sacrificed their time, energies, and talents to serve the nation


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