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How to upload the pdf file to blogs

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Readers here know that I am on eBooks as well. Today I have had the pleasure of sharing two eBooks with readers online. In the process I learned how to share pdf files using blogger blog upload the pdf file to blogspot. BTW, I use blogspot and I wish blogspot have the upload file function. That is a must now. Curiosity lead me and I could find a solution for my friends. There are two easy ways: 1) Use Google Group or 2) Upload to

Best is that you create a “Google Group” account – and find it is easy. Today I have uploaded two books here and here. Go explore them.


posted by S A J Shirazi @ Thursday, January 30, 2014,


At 19:26, Blogger jalalHB said...

Thanks for this imp info

At 21:04, Blogger Deb Sistrunk said...

I'll have to try this. Many thanks for this info.


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