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Alexander’s adventure in Pakistan

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Salman Rashid has explored history, philosophies, biographies, autobiographies, and travel literature spread over centuries. He reads to gain knowledge and to understand things as they are. Alexander the Great – a young general from Macedonia - is one of Salman’s areas of interest.

Salman once retraced Alexanders entire route in modern day Pakistan and came up with a documentary Sindhia mein Sikander that was aired on Pakistan Television. The documetry is one of the most authentic resources for researchers and students of history. He has also written a whole lot about Alexander, his strategic and tactical moves as well as his persona.

Given my own interest (I have been collecting cokno berr in the fields where Alexander had fought Raja Porus), I had a chance to listen to him when he spoke about Alexander’s route in Present day Pakistan in LUMS on February 26, 2013. Salman Rashid is at his best when talking of Alexander; no unfounded myths, no biases.

He very aptly explained how Alexander entered what is today called Pakistan by the Nawa Pass of Bajaur, and worked his way from victory after victory, slaughter that took place on the hills of Pir Sar, as if he has been witness to what happened back around 326 BC.

Why he returned to Babylon so early? One keeps wondering.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Tuesday, February 26, 2013,


At 20:44, Blogger HQ said...

Alexandar and described by Salman what a wonderful combinatin it becomes.


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