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Google PageRank Update November 2012

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News is (and it is a good one) that Google has rolled out new PageRank data to the Google Toolbar users. Despite many changes, PageRank is still an important site ranking. I am glad on two accounts: this site jumped to PR 4 and another very new blog that I have been following keenly Sajini Chandrasekera (this is where I am at) has jumped straight to PR 3. Not a mean achievement at all. The blog only started on July 5, 2012 and due to excellent work of Sajini Chandrasekera - a love blogger and quality of writing she puts up there, the blog has gained a big PR jump. Big congratulation Sajini. You did it. Happy blogging.

I have also seen some ups and downs on my sites. This blog (that used to be PR 5 before ‘those changes') came down in the past and this time it has climbed up to PageRank 4 again.

Go check your PageRank – if nothing else, ego is an important thing. No? 

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Monday, November 12, 2012,


At 21:41, Blogger Nayyar Julian said...


At 22:44, Blogger Deb Sistrunk said...

Congrats to you and Sajini. Both of you rock!

At 10:40, Anonymous Power Angel said...

Congratz Sajini, you deserve it :-)

At 17:13, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

@ Nayyar Julian....
Thank you so much for your wishes :-)

At 17:15, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

@ Deb Sistrunk..
Thank you Deb. Your words have always encouraged me to do better and thank you so much for being a lovely friend .

At 17:16, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

@ Power Angel...
Thank you for your wishes and thank you for the encouragement you gave at hard times .

At 17:19, Blogger Sajini Chandrasekera said...

@ Javed....
Thank you Javed for bringing me to the world of blogging and being a wonderful teacher. It is indeed nice to see such a high PR rank for a blog which is just 4 months old.
Once again thank you.....

At 19:16, Anonymous Hassan Iftikhar Butt said...

You Should do something to get page rank hassan!!

At 21:36, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

Congrats Shirazi sb and Sajini! I love the blogs of both of you.


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