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Newsweek adds fuel to the fire

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We are living in the world when it is so easy to create global unrest and chaos to advance different interests and to build pressures and to implement different agendas. Dean of Yale Law School says, “Insulting Islam would become an easy and cheap way to create an international incident.”

Lately, and not for the first time, such international incident happened when some irresponsible person has created a chaos that is fast spreading and engulfing Muslims living in both east and west. And he (or they) may be watching and feeling happy about what they have done while others are advising Muslims and how innocent lives are being lost saying things like “God is too great to be troubled by the insults of fools. Follow Him” and some giving arguments protecting freedom of speech. Their effort is that Muslims should ‘get over it.’

They forget that lives are Muslims revolve around the love of the last prophet (PBUH) who brought the concept of freedom in the first place. They love their prophet (PBUH) more than everything else. They forget it is not easy for them to get over it. Never.

But I am not going to argue here because I know everything is planned and done willfully. The only thing I want to ask the world what purpose magazines like Newsweek are achieving by publishing Ayaan Hirsi Ali? Adding fuel to the fire! Can any magazine go so low and insensitive?

How will any rational person read Newsweek from now on?

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Wednesday, September 19, 2012,


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