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Life in Small Towns: Harrapa and Sahiwal

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THAAP organised an evening on “Harrapa and Sahiwal” on Saturday, September 29, 2012 as a part of THAAP Evening Series on ‘Life in Small Towns’ for the year 2012 relating to Third International THAAP Conference on November 2012. Dr. Mubarak Ali, renowned historian of Pakistan gracefully presided.

Introducing the evening, Prof. Pervaiz Vandal, THAAP Conference Convener, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Mubarak Ali. He highlighted the objective of Thaap, a trust established for the promotion of education and research. He further said that the focus of this year THAAP Conference is LIFE IN SMALL TOWNS, an effort to study a town as an integrated view of life in the urban context, highlighting both the tangible and intangible cultural aspects. About 100 people attended the evening, including, Prof. Sajida Vandal, Mr. Toheed Ahmad, Mr. Hussain Ahmad Madni, Prof. Dr. Anis Siddiqi, Prof. Dr. Neelum Naz, Arch. Kalim Siddiqui, Arch. Pervez Mirza, Arch. Shaukat N. Raja, Dr. Ghafer Shahzad, Miss Rati Cooper, Prof. Dr. Mira Phailbur, Prof. Perin Boga, Ms Shirin Masud, to name a few.

The evening started with a pictorial presentation on Harrapa Historical and Archaeological Treasures by Mr. Hasan Khokkar, Curator Harrapa Museum. Mr. Rao Shafiq, educationist, gave a detailed account of the development of the District Sahiwal and its political evolution, highlighting the contributions of important persons to its history. His account covered a wide spectrum about the Political History of Montgomery/Sahiwal. The events of the uprising 1857, in particular the struggle for freedom in the area, were brought to life by actors from Punjab Lok Rahs, Sahiwal who presented a well-articulated scene about Mr. Ahmed Khan Kharal, based on the Punjabi play, Ik Raat Ravi Di, by Mr Najam Hussain Syed. In the end, Mr. Safiq Butt of Punjab Lok Sujag, brought the town of Sahiwal to life when he shared his pictorial presentation ‘Aj Daa Sahiwal: Lafzain tay Tasweerain de Zabani’ (Today’s Sahiwal through Pictures and Narratives).

A thought provoking discussion among the audience with comments and question/answers followed the talk. Further, a show of paintings of famous artist of Sahiwal, late Mr. Tariq Mirza, giving tribute to his work was arranged by Punjab Lok Sujag at the venue. Accompanying this was a book stall of Sahiwal Printing Press, showcasing the literary and historic books on Sahiwal. At the end, a modest dinner was served. Special THAAP Evening Series will now conclude on upcoming third THAAP Annual Conference on ‘Life in Small Towns’ scheduled to be held in November 2012.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Sunday, September 30, 2012,


At 16:51, Blogger Deb Sistrunk said...

Sounds like a very exciting event.

At 22:41, Blogger HQ said...

THAAP has organised some wonderful conferences and it is such a pleasure to see the movement getting bigger and bigger. We have a rich history and throug these ventures we extract the heritage to know and cherish.


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