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"I’m a Dictator," says a dictator

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Momo Khan
To majority, autocratic rule is certainly not to be gulped down, very easily. Sudden coups and projection of military rule has said to be hovering the politics in Pakistan very many times. Timeline of Pak politics donates its non-consecutive 32 years to military rule --- quiet a long time.

Absorbing the gravity of the dictatorship, lending them everything and later they are never around to owe the dreadful consequences of his self-rule. Have been and still are the men in uniform amused with “yes sir” term and if you dare to say anything unpleasing, you‘d be bounced back certainly with an unpleasing remark.

Tickling the hornet of history, 32 long years had been ruled by dictators. A big shemozzle occurs even today regarding the ruthless rule of dictators. A democratic state came into existence in 1947 had its flip side --- dictator rule. From Gen. Ayub khan to Zia-ul-Haq and to Gen. Pervez Musharraf pillars of dictatorship encompasses greater span of political rule in Pakistan.
Generally the question pops up that why do we hate dictator? Fairly speaking, it’s not entirely the dictator which earned hatred neither the self-rule but it’s the devoid of authority by opponents which halted them from the charge of power.

Lives of the dictators are dictated by discipline --- they may or may not project themselves but that is also not promised by any democratic government. So what’s killing us inside about a dictator? To me, democratic government isn’t free of the social crimes either, both in comparison have tried hard in breaking up each other’s records of corruption, prevailed inconsistency and miserably failed to pull the sinking ship.

Democracy is majority and dictatorship is neither alone, time and again we perceived how the masses never stood up against the dictatorship as they were supposedly? Or put it this way…to masses dictators and democrats are the two faces of one man? Merely, it’s more like advertising a product, two companies selling shampoos of their respective labels and both fail to find solutions for the hair fall.

It’s to no surprise that world has experienced ruthless and murky dictatorships; therefore, there exist no “good dictators”. World possess bevy of dictators who fatigued and frustrated their people and displayed unseen visuals of their cruelty. As some of them were

Nicolae Ceausescu with his 24 years long rule was over thrown by revolutionaries in Romania who was said to be not a fan of modesty.

Rafeal Trujillo called himself a God, his famous words “God in heaven and Trujilo on earth”. He ruled from 1930 to 1938 and then 1942 to 1952. He formed his own rules by appointing his family members to highest ranks.

Idi Amin dada dictator of Uganda (1971-1979) also had his share in sketching the worst picture of dictatorship. His famous titles were “conquer of the British empire”, “President for life” and others.

Muammer Gadhafi the dictator in Libya took power in 1969 and ruled more than forty years before he was brutally over thrown. “Brother Leader and guide of revolution” was his famous title and by date the most heart-wrenching of all dictators.

Yahya Jammeh is a dictator in Gambia since 1994 his official title “His Excellency Sheikh professor Alhaji dr. Yahya Abdul- azziz Jemus Junkung Jammeh Naasiru deen” have not earned any raves.

Francisco Macias Nguema (1968-1979) was the dictator of Equatorial Guinea who had killed the head of national bank and hid the money at his home. Moreover, he had changed the national motto to “There is no God than Francisco Macias”.

Saparmurat Niyazov (1990-2006) president for the life of Turkmentism who is famous for naming months after himself, his family and books, also he made his books important equal to Quran in Mosques and currencies with his pictures on them. He demolished the opposition political parties and claimed “There are no opposition parties, so how can we grant them freedom?”

Kim Jony 11, of North Korea, took over the power in 1998 after his father died, he always travelled with “pleasure squad” beautiful women and blessed himself with title “Creator of the Universe”. He claimed North Korea is a paradise which has everything one desires where in reality people were constantly tortured
Over the years, world has seen the murky dictator rule, many touched the new heights of cruelty and brutality. In Pakistan, the infamous dictators had their share, nonetheless, in having stagnating progress. Not only the level of corruption faced major boosts but the participation in wars shed much of the time span in a waste. Comparatively, dictatorship in Pakistan had no wild picture of them, no money looted to build castles for them, no monarchy prevailed by them and certainly none claimed to be “the God”. Military has been exceptional force in our country, their patriotism is extensively significant; to many believers it’s not their job to impose Marsha law and take over the powers. But to rest, what if the government is inept and displays poor governance, shouldn’t it be taken as a responsibility by the custodian of a country to pull over the socks and control over?

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Friday, September 21, 2012,



A thought provoking, must read article which sheds light upon the dictatorship and its shadows upon the society.

At 13:00, Anonymous Maleeha saad said...

i realized after reading this that Dictatorship didnt do as harm to our country as done by told ones, Great Work MomOOooo

At 13:09, Anonymous Hajra Bilal said...

Its true that in Pakistan no one claimed to be God......though driving work Momo khan :)


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