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Discovering Dr. Safi Hasan

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In the fast and mostly mechanical lanes of life, literary congregations are mental solace and joy that makes life more livable and more lovable. Thanks to Appi Khala that she organized a literary congregation in the honor of Dr. Safi Hasan – a celebrated poet and writer of Mera Sitara Bugha Naheen Hey – who is in Lahore these days.

Scientist (metallurgist) by profession Dr. Safi Hasan is a poet by choice. I have had the chance to see his selected work (Ishq Ney Yeh Sikhlaya Mujhko Koi Sawaal Na Karna) earlier but got to know him closely when I met him at Appi Khalia’s home. Poetry comes to him naturally. I am yet not a library critic but I could not the strength o f Dr. Safi Hasan poetry. His recited some of his the mot pointing ghazals and every one enjoyed them. I loved what and how he recited. Also, I had a chance to discover Dr. Safi Hassan a little more. I wish to know him more and I am going to try that. He is a person to stay closer to.

Among others, Syed Mashkoor Hussain Yaad also recited his poetry. Winner of Sitara-i-Imtiaz in the field of literature, Syed Mashkoor Hussain Yaad is a prolific writer and poet who has spent his life writing and his loud voice is heard in this din. I also had the honour to present my Inshaya Afwah (rumor) in the presence of so many literature stars and lovers of the written word.

Appi Khala thanks to you and your lovely family for arranging this congregation at your very nicely laid out home.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Monday, May 07, 2012,


At 13:21, Anonymous sajini said...

Thank you for sharing this lovely post...Poetry is a art which could be understood only by great minds and it is indeed nice to see that great people still exist in this fast moving world ...

At 20:51, Blogger Nayyar Julian said...

woow to good One of my fav Poet and uncle jee ur too lucky to get a chance and spend a great evening with Dr.Safi hasan.


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