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A silent cry

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Sajini Chandrasekera

I was happy through our marriage
Everything was perfect and good
With a son and a daughter
Our world was complete

Slowly time passed by
And things began to change
When and where i didn't know
But, danger was knocking my door

It took me a while to realize
That my world has fallen apart
I was alone with my children
While my husband was in another's arms

Things became difficult.
Life became different
I was left with pain and anger
While my children was asking for their father

How to face life I didn’t know
Felt helpless and lifeless too.
But, I had to stand strong for my children
Which I did with mighty and grace

Every one stood with me at this hard time
And I say a heartfull thank you to them all
Very slowly I picked up my life together
As a mother, as daughter I had won the world together

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Wednesday, December 07, 2011,


At 19:54, Blogger Deb Sistrunk said...

This poem is filled with such emotion! The words are powerful. This is poetry at its best.

At 20:13, Blogger jalalHB said...

Touching poetry

At 20:17, Anonymous Zani said...

Who is this about? Is it a true story as they say, 'most of the litrature is true and most of the history is fiuction.'

At 20:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple and moving. Also simply moving.

At 22:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautifully written...true feelings of a woman who's been cheated by her to see more of your work sajini.

At 10:49, Anonymous prageeth said...

so, this...please keep posting.

At 11:09, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Deb sistrunk....
Thank you Deb. I think this is what happens to women who are going through a divorce or a seperation. To walk away from marriage is never easy , and facing the world alone is scary, but women go through this senario every day.... But in the end in most casses they stand strong. They learn the lesson and gain courage to face their tomorrow's .

At 11:10, Anonymous sajini said...

@ jalalHB...
Thank you for your words and appreciating .

At 11:12, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Zani...
This is a poem i wrote for a dear friend of mine who was going through a divorce. This is based purely on reality..

At 11:15, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Anonymous...
Thank you. Yes, i agree with you that is a poem written in a simple way as i want every one to understand the message in this. All my poems are written in a very simple form.

At 11:21, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Anonymous..
Thank you for liking my poem.
Getting cheated by your spouse is never easy to cope with, but these are becomming very common these days and more people are getting in to relationships. But in most casses we can't judge who's right and who's wrong...Only thing to fail marriage to my beleife is lack of understanding, respect, patience, love and communication. when one of these pillars falls all the other norms follows...

At 11:22, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Prageeth...
Thank you for your words..Yes, more of my poems and articles will be publish in near future.

At 11:59, Blogger Durrani said...

A lovely poetry. Generally every women's nightmare.

At 12:24, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Durrani...
Thank you for appreciating. As you say every womans nightmare. But these night mares can be avoided if both partners becomes each others strength, courage and love. Most divorcess can be avoided if both patrners know the meaning of marriage before they take the stands. Every marriage needs extra work to keep it healthy and even through years if you can keep that spark then most marriages can be saved.

At 22:59, Anonymous Masha Wickramasinghe said...

Beautifully written in a graceful light. In my opinion a woman's true strength comes out when faced with impossible and seems to me your friend truly is a wonderful example of grace and strength. Someone we should all be proud of as women. And you did her justice through your beautiful writing. Would love to see more.

At 09:37, Anonymous sajini said...

@ Masha...
Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Yes, i agree with you that all the strength and courage comes out of a woman when she face the impossibilites and hardships of life.
Yes, i will share my work here...


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