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Best of Pakistan Blogsphere - Top Ten Blogs – 2010

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Jalal Hameed Bhatti

My friend S A J Shirazi asked me to list top 10 blogs 2010 as I perceived these to be the best. Well being a new in the field of blogging, I had been looking around to see how people feel and express themselves on social issues and everything that happens around them. It wasn’t an easy request as every blog has its unique theme, substance and impact.

But I had to do it as Shirazi never ceases to follow someone till he realizes his aims and objectives. So I quickly made a few criteria that included:-

I thought I had set a comfortable target and would list 10 blogs within no time. But when I went about checking the blogs I frequent mostly and some not very frequently, I found that it wasn’t an easy task. Some of the blogs that I thought would find a way into my list looked back at me with hollowness. Some blogs that I thought would have a high page rank turned to be with no page rank at all.

Despite my best efforts, none of my favourite blogs came out with a page ranking of more than 6. By and by, I collected a combination ranging 4-6, and I was glad to find some of my favourites fitting in comfortably into the list. The only exception that I made was for Jaho Jalal, my own blog that has a ranking of 3. I am including it for the reason that it attained this ranking just within its first three months of hosting.

So here are the Top 10 Blogs 2010 from my view point (you are invited to add your point of view and your favorite Pakistani blogs in comment section:-

  1.  All Things Pakistan(6):
  2.  Chapati Mystery (6):
  3. Pak Tea House (5):
  4. Chup! Changing Up Pakistan (5):
  5. Five Rupees (5):
  6. Doodh Patti (4):
  7. Teeth Maestro (4):
  8. Logic is Variable (4):
  9. Café Pyala (4):
  10. Jaho Jalal (3):

About the writer: Jalal Hameed Bhatti may be new in blogsphere but he has been online since the time when there used to be no blogs. His online presence was first felt when he started PakistanPedia (then Jalal Pages) in early days of dot com. Lately, Jalal has joined blogsphere and in addition to Jaho Jalal, he is writing Management Matters, Fire Within and My Philatelic World.

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Thursday, December 09, 2010,


At 10:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done Jalal. I agree with at least seven of your choices.

At 10:18, Anonymous Maham Raza said...

Congratulations to the listed bloggers here.

At 10:24, Anonymous Karim Dad said...

Other than your own blogs, the list is indeed very good indicator of what Pakistan Blogsphere is all about.

At 10:57, Anonymous Handsome said...

thats a good list, but i think Pakistan's most popular blog propakistani is missing from here

At 11:33, Anonymous The blog Company said...

Wish to be here one day.

At 12:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats to ATP of Adil Najam.

At 21:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't say much about it as I have very little experience.
Zaffar Iqbal Durrani

At 22:59, Blogger Jamil said...

I personally do not agree to ratings of any kind especially when it come to writing and expressing ones thoughts.Its how someone perceives the issues and put it in writing.Think freedom of expression!
Moreover we all have some opinions,likings,dislikes, reasons are millions,known and some times even unknown.Well that's what the world is.
Ask me i know Jalal and Shirazi,follow their blogs hence would always consider they both are unique as they usually like to discuss on different issues.
Issues from everyday life,issues of the people of Pakistan,issues like poorty,child labour,governance,politics and many burning issues.
I wish both Good Luck and a very happy future!

At 10:30, Anonymous Owais Mughal said...

Jalal Saheb

I am very much honored that you have listed All Things Pakistan as the top blog. While I believe we are not in it for competition or top ranking and we think highly of the effort put into and work produced by other Pakistani bloggers - your ranking will definitely make us strive for going diverse in post topics.

ATP is as much yours and other readers blog as much as it is ours. It is a forum where we share topics and readers belonging to 'all things Pakistan'.

On behalf of Adil Najam and myself I want to thank you and Shirazi Sb for this honor.

At 11:42, Blogger Durrani said...

I generally agree with Mr. Jamil. Without saying much he has said it all. As for me, I very seldom visit the other blogs then Shirazi's and Jalal. Thus to be fair, my remarks may not be justified, when it comes to competition. Anyhow best of Luck


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