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Sheerni Regiment Wins Kabaddi Championship

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Going back to the unit you have belonged all your service (called as parent unit) is always a wonderful experience. Yesterday (April 23, 2010), my parent unit (35 Self Propelled Heavy  Regiment  Artillery) was here in Lahore to compete for Artillery Division Kabadi Championship - 2010 and I was there to see the finals. Meeting those who had joined as young soldier and grown professionally in front of one’s own eyes is a very fulfilling and enriching experience.

Thirty Five has always been good in sports and their ‘spirit’ is what keeps them at the zenith of professional efficiency in peace as well as war. My unit (aka Sheerni regiment) has very illustrious war record and I am not being ethnocentric here. History says it all about how the heavy unit shuttled between Sialkot and Kasur in 1965. (Now it is one of the largest caliber self propelled but then it used to be towed unit then).

One of the main strengths of Pakistan Army is exemplary human behaviors. One can’t find such behaviors in any other army of the world. The comradeship, relationship and associations grow over time and are forever. Seeing the Kabadi match with fellow unit mates (along with  Lieutenant Shoaib and Subedar Major Sher Khan)  raised boosted up the team playing in the field and raised our spirits too. Even the commanding office Lt Col Auranzeb who was in Rawalpindi was with us on cell phone. Congratulations to 35, to Col Auranzeb and the formation Thirty Five belongs to.(And yes, thanks to Col Maqsood from Happy Unit)

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Saturday, April 24, 2010,


At 10:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The relationship in Pakistan Army starts from day one, rather before you join and it stays on not only until you retire or die but even beyond that. These are the unmatchable comradeship and esprit de corps not to to be found anywhere in the world. Mobashir

At 13:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

35 Hy Zindabad! Murad

At 14:25, Blogger Awais said...

Nice Blog its different one really good

At 15:30, Blogger jalalHB said...

But we did not get any shirini for the win


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