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I am multilingual

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I don’t know when Urdu became my identity. It is ascribed one and I love it; really. Born and raised speaking Punjabi, I also had to learn foreign languages (like English and Russian) to move about in faster lanes of life but I always express my deeper emotions and inner feelings in Urdu. Two of my books Izhar (Expressions), Ret Pe Tehreer (Written on the Sand)} are in Urdu. This (Urdu) sophisticated language facilitates you to do that. Anyone speaking Urdu in a crowd of people speaking alien languages is automatically a company.

I realized my love for the language when I was learning Russian at National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. When my Russian teacher Alica used to say, “I have learnt more Urdu than I have taught you Russian.” When Sakina Mirkhajevna used to ask us to sing her songs in Urdu; she could not understand the meanings but, “I enjoy the sweetness with which words flow,” she used to tell.

I learnt English the hard way. I was at a professional academy and order of the day was, “no vernaculars,” even in out private quarters. Knowing that we will be asked to leave food and have a round of the mess running if we spoke in Urdu made us speak English fast. The problem is that I think in Punjabi, dream in Urdu and my expressions, oral as well as written in English (call it Pinglish), still are jerky.

That is why I am multilingual. Hope you understand my point?

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posted by S A J Shirazi @ Saturday, February 02, 2013,


At 11:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So app bhi Babushka hoooo?

At 11:53, Anonymous Kausar Bilal said...

So, you are multi-lingual! I believe that these days we need to be language friendly to be open minded in learning any languages because they not only let these languages grow but also open up new doors of opportunities.
An interesting article: "I think in Punjabi, dream in Urdu and my expressions, oral as well as written in English (call it Pinglish), still are jerky."


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